Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Sweet Ryker

Ryker is such a thoughtful kid. This picture was taken a few days before Christmas when I caught him shoveling the driveway without being asked. This morning when I got back from taking Gavin to school he was outside shoveling again.  

As a mother there are a lot of times when I look at my kids and think about all the things I haven't taught them or the things I didn't mean to teach them which, unfortunately, they learned anyway. But on days like today I think maybe I did something right.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Scrapbook Blog

Clearly this blogging thing has me addicted. Now I have to have a blog for my scrapbook pages. What a freak! I also started a blog for Saige called Saige's Pages, where she can post her own creations. She's getting pretty good at scrapbooking. I still help her some, but she comes up with some pretty creative layout ideas all by herself.

I made a New Year's Resolution to scrapbook once a week, so that I can use up the ever growing stash of paper, embellishments, etc. in my crap room (oops, I meant scrap room). This is my attempt to make myself keep that resolution. Saige and I decided that with church being at 9:00 in the morning we can scrapbook on Sunday afternoons. We'll see how it goes. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Church Art

Saige was drawing a lovely, scenic picture today during sacrament meeting-you know the one-the top inch of the page is blue for the sky, the bottom inch is green for the grass, the middle has a few flowers and maybe a sun. Here is the conversation that occurred when Trent looked over to see her picture:

Trent: "What's this down here?"
Saige: "Grass"
Trent: "What's this blue up here?"
Saige: "Sky"
Trent: "What's in the middle?"
Saige: "Lines" (She was drawing on lined notebook paper.)
Trent: "But what's between the grass and the sky?" 

Saige proceeded to add mountains to her picture between the grass and the sky.

Trent: "What's between the mountains and the sky?"
Saige: "Air"
Trent: "Well, what's air?
Saige: "Um, sky?"
Trent: "Yeah"

She then filled in all the white space with blue.

It turned out to be a very lovely picture, but my very favorite picture ever drawn by Saige is this one (also drawn during sacrament meeting):

She drew this when she was 3 and a half years old. It was me watching her draw this one and I could not stop laughing. I watched as she drew a body, hair, two big circles with dots in the middle for eyes, two big circles with dots in the middle for...hmmm...

Me: "Who's that picture of?"
Saige: "Me, when I'm a grown-up."
Me: "What are those?"
Saige: "My muscles."



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Finally getting around to blogging about our holidays. We had a fabulous Christmas. We always prefer to stay at our house for Christmas morning and just be together for a little while before we head out to see extended family. We had a great morning. I won't bore you with a long list of every gift, but the favorites were: Trent-iPod Touch, Kacie-gorgeous new coat and scarf, Gavin-iPod, Ryker-skateboard and Saige-Hannah Montana electronic journal. We got ourselves a new video camera as an early present, so we kind of neglected the regular camera. 

The plan for this year was to head to Castle Dale by noon, which we actually did, but got detoured to my parent's house as the roads were absolutely horrible between our house and Lehi because of the storm. So, we spent Christmas Day at the Powell's constantly checking road conditions on Hwy 6, hoping that we might be able to get to Castle Dale sometime that day, but it didn't happen. We took ZERO pictures at my parents house, but we had a really good time. We had a delicious dinner, opened presents, played ping pong and sang around the piano. We were grateful that we could spend the day with family; even if it wasn't the family we had planned to spend it with. We left first thing in the morning on the 26th and the roads were still pretty bad, but it had stopped snowing so at least we could see. Once we got to Price the roads were much better, so Trent had to make up for lost time by going 80 mph. We got pulled over when we were just a couple of miles from our destination. Of course, Trent managed not to get a ticket. (I picked up some pointers on how not to get a ticket the next time I get pulled over.)

We had a great time with the Keele family. We did some sledding, went swimming at the new pool, ate too much, played games and watched bootleg movies (thanks, Sam!). Once again, we didn't even touch our camera, so thanks to Jaime and Samantha for the pictures. Even though the vast majority of us left the Keele house with the stomach flu, we still had a great time. The last count I heard was 12 out of 17 having gotten sick, but the flu passed and we wouldn't trade being together for anything.

We had to rush home on Sunday morning because I had to give a talk in church. (I didn't get sick until Sunday evening-what excellent timing!) We spent a couple of days playing with our new toys at home and then the kids and I went and stayed in Lehi for a few days. We had a blast sledding on the pond behind my parent's house. We tied a couple of sleds behind a four-wheeler and took turns being dragged around the pond. The kids and I got a particularly memorable ride when my mom thought she would drive around the edge and then send us up the bank. Instead, we all fell off our sleds and after a moment realized that for some reason the edge of the pond wasn't frozen (I still don't get that because the middle was solid). We got a little bit wet, but the worst part was the smell. But, it made for a good memory. The last day we were there Grandpa came home from work with a monstrous new sled, so of course we all had to have a turn in that. This is the way to go sledding! No hills to hike up while dragging multiple sleds and you can go inside to get warm anytime you want. We did get plenty of pictures of our ice sledding adventures; my favorite is the one of Saige next to the swampy mess we landed in. 

The kids and I also spent New Year's Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Powell's because Trent had to work. We were really grateful that he didn't have to work Christmas Day this year-we sometimes have to get creative with Christmas, so we enjoyed having him home with us. We had such a great holiday break. The presents were fun, but the best part was being able to celebrate the birth of our Savior with the people we love the most.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brace Face

Still playing catch-up here...on December 17th Gavin got braces. He is officially a geek. (Don't tell him I said so, but with the combination of glasses and braces there is no denying it.) He's going to look great when it's all done; so far he's enduring it well. He has an RPE (rapid palatal expander), which is quickly creating a sizable gap between his two front teeth. Following the Christmas break, lots of his friends asked if he had lost a tooth-the gap is that big. I had one of those in 7th grade, too, but my orthodontist hadn't put my braces on yet, so it was really weird to see myself with that gap. I tried very hard not to smile during that time. My ruthless English teacher gave me the nickname, "Gapper," which did not help me to feel better about it. Gavin has one tooth on the left side of his mouth that is blocked by other teeth and because of this his gap is not in the middle-it's off to the left side, which just adds to the geekiness factor. Here are the before, after and gapper photos:





I submitted my application for SLCC's nursing program today. By Fall of 2013 I should be able to START my nursing classes. Gavin will be a senior in high school for crying out loud. What a joke! Needless to say, I am looking into other options. Good luck to me!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Piano Recital

My awesome students-one is missing.




Elise & I

I love Christmas music! I guess that's why my piano recital always seems to end up being close to Christmas. It does prove to be a little hectic with everything going on for the holidays, but you just can't beat the tunes! My students all did such a great job! I love being able to teach piano lessons. It is so rewarding and I have awesome students. Teaching my own kids is a challenge; especially trying to teach a teenager. Gavin did NOT want to practice and came to the recital quite unprepared. I made him perform anyway. I keep hoping that he will figure out how cool it is to play the piano...maybe someday. Ryker and Saige did a fabulous job. Any of you who spent any time with Saige during the holidays know how much she is loving it. I think I've heard her songs about 1,000 times each. Because of school I didn't take as much time to prepare my own song as I usually do. I finally decided what song to play about a week before the recital, so it obviously didn't go as well as I would have liked, but I didn't even care by that point. I was just glad to have the recital over with and to have a break. Elise, my most advanced student, and I played a duet that turned out really well. That was a lot of fun and something that I think I will do more often. Pictures of a piano recital aren't very exciting, but there they are anyway. 

Saige's Dance Concert

Wow! I've gotten so behind. I guess the holidays will do that. We get so busy. I'm going to try to catch up this week. Saige had her Christmas Dance Concert at the beginning of December. Her class danced to Jingle Bell Rock. She did such a great job. I love to watch her dance. I hope that she will always love it like she does now. We got a new video camera as an early Christmas present, so I am posting my first video. Saige is the 3rd girl from the right. I hope it works!