Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Breaking Dawn Countdown

Countdown for Breaking Dawn! Can't Hardly Wait!

I am so excited for Stephenie Meyer's new book! I also just figured out how to add a widget to our blog. Wish I knew how to make the overall layout look better. I should probably take a class, as if I have time for more classes! The release of the last Twilight book almost perfectly coincides with summer semester ending for me. I am super excited about that too!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I took my Anatomy Lab test today. I studied and studied and the test was still pretty hard. There is a big difference between looking at the pictures of muscles in my book and trying to identify the muscle on the 15+ year old cadavers that we have in lab. I am so glad that it is over! 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trent & Kacie Keele Family

I just wanted a place where I can keep track of the things that are going on with our family, a place where I can record stories and events to possibly scrapbook later (like in 10 years). Since I really stink at journal keeping these days, I thought this would work really well. 

So, here is what we are up to lately. Trent is still working at Kennecott, serving in the Scout program at church and being a very involved and awesome Dad. I am going to school- majoring in Nursing, teaching piano lessons, working as a Teacher's Aide at my kid's elementary school, serving in the Young Women presidency and being a very busy mom. I am also learning to ride my new scooter that we just bought. I am excited not to have to put so much out for gas this summer!

Gavin, who is 12, just "graduated" from Elementary school. I am certainly not ready to have a kid in Jr. High and I'm pretty sure I'm not old enough either. He will be participating in the Quest program at the jr. high, which is for the students who are advanced. We are excited about that. He is very busy this summer playing baseball. He mostly plays 1st base or pitch. Although the season is about to end he is not done. He made the All Star team this year and that will keep him pretty busy through July. Hopefully, the tournament will be over before Scout Camp.

Ryker is 9 and is a lot of fun. He is all smiles, which can be quite infuriating when we are upset with him, but for the most part, we love his cheerful personality. He has been busy with baseball, too. He mostly plays catch, but has had a few opportunities to pitch and play 1st base this year. Ryker has made All Stars every year that he has been eligible until this year. I am not sure why he didn't make it this year, but as his mother I'm pretty sure that he was robbed! I am going to have to tell him before they announce it at the closing ceremonies. I actually feel like it's a blessing in disguise that he didn't make it this year, because we don't know the people that he plays with as well as the kids Gavin plays with. We can call Gavin's friends for rides when Trent is at work and I am at school, but for Ryker we wouldn't have been very comfortable doing that. Anyway, that is how I'm trying to look at it, so that I don't feel so bad. I really am very surprised that he didn't make it.

Saige is 7 and is such a little girly-girl. Every mother needs a daughter. She is so much fun! She loves to dance, play dress-up, scrapbook and all the other super girly things that Trent and the boys don't like to do with me (I'd worry if they did want to do them). She is excited to start the 2nd grade. I don't know what I'll do with her all summer, she is going to get bored! 

Well, that's about it for now. I really should get some studying done. Human Anatomy is HARD!