Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Snippets

My adorable cousin, Megan, found this cute idea on a blog she reads. I love reading Meg's Pocket Post, so here's my version.

Dear TJ Maxx,
I love my new dresses. More importantly, I love how much I paid for them.

Dear Cap'n Crunch,
I wish I could eat you everyday.

Dear Zumba,
I hope I get to visit you again soon. If you weren't so much fun, I wouldn't have sprained my ankle and had to miss the last month of class. It's all your fault!

Dear High Heels,
I can't wait until I can wear you again without limping.

Dear Channing Tatum,
I could look at you all day.

Dear Glee,
You make me smile.


Megan said...

Cute! I like your name for it :) I am so glad I found that other blog, because it's easier to write short little snippets instead of giant posts when you just want to mention a couple of things.
P.S. Big fan of the Cap'n Crunch and I want to try Zumba so bad - everybody is talking about how great it is! And Chanum Tating is pretty attractive.

Riss said...

I second your Channing Tatum motion. He is a yummy piece of man candy.

Baltzers said...

Love it.

Kris said...

Dear Sweet Snippets,

I could stare at Channing Tatum's sweet snippets all day long.

Love you Kace!