Sunday, May 9, 2010

California Dreamin'

A fine blogger I've turned out to be. I'm done making promises, but I will TRY to blog more often.

If you know me well, you know that my memory pretty much sucks. Trent likes to tease me about the time I told him I counted limousines on a post-it when I went to California as a teenager. It was actually something one of his mission companions did. That was humiliating, but I really believed it was me. {Pretty sure I've got early onset Alzheimer's.} I used to be really great at journal-keeping. Not so much these days. My intention in starting this blog was for it to be like my journal. A way to help me remember things that ACTUALLY happen to me. So, it's important that I get back to it, even if I don't catch up.

A few exciting things have happened this week.

1. I got an A in Microbiology! Cool, right? I really didn't enjoy that class like I have some of the others I've taken. The lab was awesome; growing stuff like E. coli and staph was really pretty interesting. The lecture class was the hard part. Our teacher was fairly young and new to teaching. It was obvious that she knew her stuff, but had difficulty explaining things clearly. I found my mind wandering frequently. It's amazing how much difference a good teacher makes.

I was planning to apply for UVU's nursing program in March, but when I went to their website to fill out the application I saw that all of the requirements had changed and I needed a 2 credit hour class to finish my prerequisites. Major bummer. Major melt down. Can I just say that I have the most incredible husband? He totally knows how to handle freak-out-phase-Kacie. So, thanks to him I've come to realize that it's not the end of the world to have a setback. In fact, we've decided that I won't be taking that class this summer either, which is a total relief. Further setback, but I'm looking forward to being a mom this summer.

2. I sprained my ankle doing Zumba. In case you don't know, Zumba is the most awesome aerobics class ever. It's a lot of latin dance, shake your hips type stuff -so much fun and right up my alley. On Wednesday I was absorbed in my own little world, shaking my butt and working hard, when my left ankle rolled out from under me. I went down with a thud, bruising my tailbone in the process of spraining my ankle. My foot and ankle are really swollen and my butt hurts. I had to wear flip-flops to church today because they're the only shoes that fit my giant "cankle". It's bruised up and ugly, but it doesn't hurt too much. I'm hoping to get back to Zumba soon. I really miss it!

3. Our trip to California is booked! Got a killer deal on a hotel through and I bought our Disneyland/Universal Studios/SeaWorld tickets on Friday. Trent is not thrilled about this vacation, but after a long, uh...discussion, he's being much nicer about it. I'm so excited! In case you missed it on FB, I'm posting The Woodledge Mama's version of California Dreamin' for your viewing pleasure. California Dreamin' is what I'm doing. I can't wait!


Lynsie said...

Hey, I recognize that flower power gal. Nice! How fun that you get to go to Cali for vacation. When do you go?

Lynsie said...

Oh and awesome job on getting an A in Microbiology! I'm not surprised though.