Monday, November 9, 2009

Pink Day (a.k.a. Cklog #1)

This is the first of {hopefully} several 'backlog' blog posts. I've affectionately named them "Cklogs" {that's backlog, minus ba, in case you didn't notice} because they are clogging up my desire to blog and making me feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that I've put off blogging about. Since this is my form of journal-keeping these days I want to post them, but will be making an effort to post current events among them. I hope you don't get too bored.

Anyway, on to Pink Day. It's a pretty dang cool Christiansen family tradition. I wrote about it last year, but in case you're new, here's the scoop. Pink Day was founded by my Grandma Chris when I was young. She invited all the girls in our family to a party at her house. We all wore pink clothes and ate pink food. I don't really remember much about the original Pink Day, but I know we had a good time. Check out this photo. It's totally retro. {Thanks, Julie!} Can you find me? I look HOT!

When my Grandma passed away, my Aunt Rene' and her daughter, Cori, brought Pink Day back and we have been celebrating it ever since. This year, we all headed to Ferron, where Pink Day was hosted by Marie & Glenys. We always play silly games and exchange gifts. {Check out Julie's awesome gift-isn't she lucky?} Grandpa had the honor of being the only boy invited for this year's big event. He brought 2 pairs of Grandma's pajamas to give away. I was fortunate enough to win a pair. I love little things that make me feel a connection to her. She was such an amazing woman. Happy Pink Day! {Just a little late.}


Cori said...

that is really cute! This makes me wish that we would have made pink day a yearly tradition when grandma was here. I miss her!